~/ me art writing


All pieces here were rendered by my AxiDraw V3/A3.

“Ribbons” are rendered by tracing a 3D curve with a fixed width, applying an isometric projection, and using occlusion to filter any overlapping sections. The next two pictures give a sense for how that works:

All the
    unfiltered lines are shown.
All lines are drawn, resulting in moire patterns where the ribbons overlap.
Lines are
    filtered, and colored.
Overlapping lines are filtered, removing any lines that are obscured by higher ribbons.

It’s surprising how much depth is added by dropping a few lines.

Unlike real-life ribbons, these “Ribbons” can intersect and pass through one another. Many interesting patterns appear when you start trying to draw many “Ribbons” on top of one another:

Groups of ribbons forming tangled bands.
Ribbons modulated in decreasing frequencies.
One of my favorites.

A few of my favorite outputs were inspired by the idea of making a “basket-weaving” of ribbons: