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When I was little, my dad told me

“A computer always does exactly what you tell it to do.”

If you’ve ever been frustrated at your computer, phone, tablet… someone probably told it to do the wrong thing.

As a fulltime programmer, (or someone who spends most of their time trying to get computers to do the “right” thing), this bit of advice is very calming – the computer doesn’t have a mind of its own. Odds are, any problem you’re chasing down lies in a mistaken explanation or misunderstanding between you and the machine.

Yet somehow, and almost as-if by magic, there are times when you know exactly what the computer will do, and it still surprises you. I want to capture those moments in my art.


  • Rhythm & The Machine 2023

    Exploring the threshold where repetition meets randomness, revealing the universe’s penchant for both design and disarray.


    Generative light and color. Physics re-imagined through the lense of the computer.

  • 7 Factorial 2023

    All 5040 ways to sort 7 items. An exploration in enumerative art, or, what is randomness in generative artwork?

  • Light Doesn't Bend That Way 2023

    Using simulated light and physics to explore the surreal, in a way only possible with a computer.

  • Perry, Mary, and Lars 2022

    Debut Solo Show focusing on my plotted works from 2020-2022. Exhibited by Verse and curated by ARTXCODE.

  • "how you see me" 2022

    Computer-generated, human-curated series of 19 generative gestural works.

  • Lines Walking 2022

    First long-form plotter series. Each edition plotted and shipped once free. Released on Plottables.

  • Geode 2022

    Packing shapes edge-to-edge, and exploring the patterns they create. Released on fx(hash).

  • Unfolded 2021

    Patterns made by folding, and then unfolding a sheet of paper. Released on fx(hash).

  • Gossamer 2021

    First long-form generative series. Released on fx(hash).

  • Rubber Band Folds 2021

    How many ways can you fold a rubber band with N bends?

  • Paint Mixing 2021

    Early experiments that lead to “how you see me (2022)”.

  • Polygon Packing 2021

    Pen-plotter pieces exploring the textures created by reflecting one shape over itself. Later inspired “Geode (2022)”.

  • Ribbons 2020

    Pen-plots of virtual “ribbons”.